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Friday, November 4, 2011


Is it possible for anyone to donate blood for him/herself in needful situation of blood? yes it is possible..recently i have read in magazine which I am sharing to you all readers.

In case of road traffic accidents and in major critical surgeries there is heavy loss of blood.Now here comes the need of blood is more compare to the donors of blood.Even though with regular adds to donate blood.According to the survey done by World health organisation among 70% of world countries only 1% of population is donating blood.

A solution for this has been discovered in France research center..Very first time in world the created RBC from the human stem cells.In Paris-Pierre Marie Currie university-Lucktowav et al did this research.

Hemato poietic stem cells are taken from the bone marrow and it has been changed in to RBC cells in lab and injected in rats and proved this research.and they also proved this in human being, that artificial RBC cells are growing and functioning same as the real one in human body.

Due to the improvement in medical technology once can store his/her own stem cells to make in to RBC in labs and can use it when it requires.we can say this as self donation of blood.

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