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Monday, January 24, 2011



Autism is a sort of poorly understood psychosis on which the child is highly withdrawn and seemingly living in an isolated world of his own.

such a child may suffer from an organic brain disease as in blindness,deafness or mental retardation,or from emotional deprivation.Autistic child may,however,be of normal intelligence.The child's potential is masked and not low or absent.

Autistic child takes no interest in environments and is negativistic.He fails to develop normal relationship with others,including his mother,and does not react to a situation in an expected manner.speech is either poorly developed or not developed at all. About 60% patients develop highly individualized language.

The cornerstone of management is to eastablish conatact and communication with the child so as

to prevent him from sliding in to utter isolation.

Neuroleptics and opiate antagonists along with day treatment models employing play,language

therapy and interpersonal exercises have recently shown promise.

Prognosis is graudual.only a small proportion of the children grow up to live self-sufficient lives in the community,the rest sooner or later ending up in institutions.

1 comment:

  1. gud to know that autustic childs inteligence in only hidded and not retarded always


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