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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Cancrum oris is rare except in poorly nourished children in the tropics.
 It is characteristically preceded by an infective illness, especially measles.
Clinical features
The manifestaion is that of a rapidly developing gangrene, beginning inside of the mouth and penetrating through the lips and cheek. Gangrene becomes demarcated and ulceration follows resulting in severe disfigurement. Untreated it frequently causes death.
Bor.vincenti and an anaerobic bacterium are frequently found in ulcer.
Pencillin arrests the infection but does not prevent gangrene of already diseased tissue. Coexistent malnutrition, anaemia or dehydration should be corrected. Subsequently skilled plastic surgery may do much to overcome the hideous defects.
This depends on improved nutrition and hygiene in the community and on control of acute infectious diseases.

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