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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The wrist hangs loosely in flexion (wrist drop) and the metacarpophalangeal joints are also flexed. The hand is pronated.

Support: The hand is placed on a short cock-up splint, with the wrist in full, or almost full, extension. The metacarpophalangeal joints may also be supported in extension as well, but the other finger joints should be left free; the thumb should be held in abduction and extension

Physical treatment
Electrical stimulation: The indifferent pad is best placed over the spiral groove, or where the nerve emerges through the interosseous membrane.
Passive movements-Full extension of the wrist and fingers together should be given.

Exercises for the later stages: Reeducation
  1. Stretching movement for the wrist
  2. Piano playing
  3. Hand pronated on table and picking up objects.
  4. Push away objects on the table by extending wrist and finger joints.

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