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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Incompetence of valves and reflux of blood from the deep venous system subjects the superficial veins to excessive pressure not only when standing or sitting at rest but also during exercise.
The veins become elongated, dilated and tortuous, and the patient may present with chronic varicose ulcers.
Chronic ulcers in the legs
  • Chronic venous insufficiency, i.e. pigmentation, induration and eczema.
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Pain.
1. Reduction of oedema through:
  • Faradic current under pressure
  • Air compression
  • Exercises in the pressure support bandage or elasticated support stockings;
  • Elevation of lower limbs
  • Massage- stroking/effleurage
2. Bandaging
3. Control of infection
4. Mobilization of skin and connective tissue
5. Stimulation of the ulcer floor and edges- ultrasound/laser
6. Mobilisation of joints and strengthening muscles.

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