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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This usually occurs either as a complication of coryza or a manifestation of one of the infections fevers, for example,measles. The laryngeal mucous membrane is swollen, congested and coated with mucus.

Clinical features
The throat is dry and sore. The voice is at first hoarse and then reduced to whisper. Speaking may be painful. There is an irritating non-productive cough but the general upset is usually mild. In children the small laryngeal opening may be almost obstructed by oedema and viscid secretion, giving rise to stridor (croup).
Acute laryngitis usually clears up in a few days but frequently recurring episodes may predispose to chronic laryngitis. Download spread of the infection may cause tracheitis, bronchitis or even pneumonia.
The voice should be rested as much as possible. Inhalations of steam are helpful and paracetamol (0.5-1g 4-6-h) can be used to relieve discomfort, pyrexia and systemic symptoms. Antibiotic therapy is of no value in simple acute laryngitis.

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