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Monday, March 28, 2011


This is due to infestation with Tunga penetrans (the chigoe or jigger flea).
 It is widespread in tropical America and Africa. Man and pigs are important hosts. The pregnant female flea burrows in to the skin about the toes and soles and grows as large as a pea, packed with eggs which are subsequently discharged on to the surface.
Clinical features
The burrows irritate and become inflamed but the chief danger is from secondary pyogenic infection or tetanus.
The chigoe on egg sac should be removed with a sterile needle and a mild antiseptic ointment applied. Massive infestations, such as may be seen in neglected children and in senile persons, may be treated by immersing the feet in an aqueous solution containing benzene hexachloride 5% and centrimide 0.8%.

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