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Monday, March 28, 2011


This is an infestation of various tissues of man by the larvae of flies.

Cutaneous myiasis
A common cause if cutaneous myiasis is Cordylobia anthropophagia (Tumbu fly) which lays its eggs on laundry spread on grass. The larvae penetrate the skin and produce lesions like boils with central orifices through which they breathe. On reaching maturity they emerge. A drop of thick oil or petroleum jelly usually brings a larva out in search of air and facilitates its removal. Occasionally the common warble fly Hypoderma bovis may infest man.
Myiasis of wounds, sores and cavities
The larvae of many flies may infest necrotic tissues in open wounds or ulcers and occasionally invade living tissue. Chrysomya bezziana is found in Africa, India and South Vietnam. It may penetrate the nasal sinuses and cause great destruction. The application of 10% chlorofrom in a light vegetable oil is the treatment of choice for infested wounds.
Infested myiasis
In the tropics especially, Vague digestive disturbances or abdominal cramps with diarrhoea and vomiting may be caused by fly larvae in the intestinal canal, the eggs having been ingested with food.

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