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Monday, March 28, 2011


This disease is caused by invasion of the body by 'tongue worms', degenerative arthropods of which Armillifer armillatus, A. moniliformis and Linguatula serrata occur in man.
Adult Armillifer parasitises the trachea and bronchi of snakes. Man is infected by ingesting the ova on uncooked vegetables or by eating undercooked snakes. The condition is usually symptomless in man but calcified nymphs may be seen in the radiographs of the chest and abdomen.
Halzoun is the name given in the Middle East to a form of acute dysphagia and laryngeal obstruction from pharyngitis and oedema of the larynx. It is due to the ingestion of nymphs of Linguatula serrata in undercooked liver and lymph nodes of sheep and goats. Foxes and dogs are the definitive hosts. Antihistamines and a local anaesthetic spray may be helpful.

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